August 28, 2006

Stand and Deliver!!!

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Holy crap! Beckett stood by himself…mostly.

I helped him get steady and he held on to a pinky, but by god he stood. A minute or so later he stood on his own for about 30 seconds.
Somewhere deep inside, behind the proud papa, there was a sad dad. I always kinda kid Loe about stuff like that, but I had a flash of, “Dammit he’s growing up ahead of schedule”.
I’ll post the pic as soon as I can.


August 18, 2006

Back handed statement?

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So, there we were, eating our dinner and feeding Beckett some potato. We were using a fork, which we use at home in the “safety” configuration. Some old lady walked up and said, “Here’s a spoon for that baby…” and proceeded to coo over our obviously endangered child.

I was torn over my response. We just thanked her, but who in hell does she think she is!? Well, maybe she suffers from dementia and wandered away from her group to randomly hassle young couples.

I wonder is she scoots about admonishing folks for eating too much meat or looms over the desert bar, waiting for someone to take 3 cookies…


August 8, 2006

August 8, 2006

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Newest Beckett Pics!

He just keeps getting cuter. We’ve(and by we I mean my love, Loe) been taking him to the pool. He has no issue with the water. Must be all the diving…

Chilling at the pool

Anyway, he continues to be a joy. Ignore the sad state of me, shirtless. We tested him in his “big boy” car seat, but opted to keep him in the original.