October 29, 2006

Beck’s 1st Halloween party

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…and they’re off!

Yesterday, Beck had his first Halloween experience.
We went to a neighborhood halloween party, sponsored by my new favorite organization the Order of the Eagles. The whole thing was free for “the yoots” and was an opportunity to meet some local friends (for myself) and catch up with acquaintences.

Loe, with her usual flair for improvisation noticed the outfit he had on in the morning made him look like a horse jockey. Some colored duct tape and a stuffed horse later, boom our own Willie Shoemaker! My gal….mah. I posted an example above or you can click here for the whole day.
Beck had his first brush with a bounce house, a hay ride and a cupcake. As usual though, he was working the room…or patio, and making time with the ladies. My boy…

WARNING: do not eat the black cupcakes! Unless you like looking like a member of KISS.


October 28, 2006

Why don’t you…

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My lovely Loe was sitting in the bed, better known as our fold out couch (backstory: we once again ceded the grown-up sleep zone to Nibblet, in an effort to ease him in to the hell world of waking alone. Unexpected Bonus: sleeping with the television on!) and I was reading MetroDad, a blog from a cool dad. She was working on one of those “Your first year” books for Nib and trying to recall key events.

She said, ” how can people remember this stuff?”

I responded, “They blog.”

“Why don’t you?” Block, parry, thrust.

“I have one, but…” Oy.