November 4, 2006

1st Halloween night

Posted in Holidays, Uncategorized at 3:03 am by supertinyguy

Beck has experienced his first Halloween!! When I got home, Loe had our wee jockey prepped and ready for a night of candy-fueled hi-jinx. On the way out we snagged a neighbor and her son in a latex muscled spider-man…wet suit…thingy.

Since our street has no street lights and fewer young’uns, we drove to Swiss avenue. It’s a street with some huge houses, some with surprisingly complex Halloween displays. They had one with a pipe organ and fire. Several had wealthy folks drinking wine on the porch, while pushing the sucrose. Beck and company just kinda gawked and took it all in. The first couple of houses we hit thought Beck was a baseball player until we started to carry “Secretatiat” with us. He managed to stay wake the whole trip. Mostly.Spent

We ate the candy. By “we”, I mean Loe. Except for the Whoppers. I am the Whopper Commander…

The Halloween pics…


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