April 30, 2007

April 2007 wrapup

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The whole month of April! Highlights include:

  • Dinner with the Family
  • Luke’s Birthday
  • Fun ‘n sun in the park
  • Beck rocks the yard work
  • …and much more!!



Weekend in the outdoors

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 We went to Turner Falls and the Chickasaw National Recreation Area. It was a recon mission for camping sites.

Turner falls has cold, clear water and some really nice camping areas. We hiked back up to the falls and dipped Beck in the waters.

Can you spot the Boo?

Toes are even cuter magnified 25%…


In addition to hiking Beck also discovered the joys of ice cream…


Also, I found two ticks on me, but I digress…I’m tired we had a busy weekend.


April 28, 2007

In the jungle…

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The BooBoo sleeps tonight! Just posting this pic because it’s little seen shot of Beck ensconced in the crib.


April 27, 2007

A kiss, a hug, a nuzzle

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I was pushing Beck on the swing today. At some point I made some vague kissing noise and Beck leaned forward on the swing, puckering up. I caught the swing and he gave me a kiss. He then threw his arms ’round my neck…kinda. He leaned his head in and nuzzled my cheek.

He’s been more and more huggy this last week. Last night, we brought him into bed with us. He was running a fever, hopefully from that tooth thats trying to come in. I had left the room on a binky quest and Beck didn’t see me come back in because he was snacking. I got back in bed and said something to Loe. He popped up over her shoulder, binky in place, and pointed at me. Then he climbed over his mommy so he was resting on her and his head was laying on my chest. There was no way I was touching him or moving.

Sometimes you need to sop the gravy when you can…

April 25, 2007

Monkey see, Beckett do…

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This evening I sat playing with Beck while he was in the bath. After the requisite toy tossing session, I noticed he was sticking his tongue out in an experimental way. So I stuck mine out and he broke into a huge grin as he watched me. Then he stuck a finger out to explore my tongue. I started to make faces and to my surprise, so did he. It only lasted a minute, but it really made my day.

April 23, 2007

Cracking momma up…

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Posted only because it so cute. If it makes mama happy, then…


Beck has been very into his binky. Kooky since he wanted nothing to do with them, until now. He only wants it when goes down for a nap or bed time. If The Beck is happy, then…

Make with the Bactine….stat!!

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Bactine, anyone!?

Didn’t have a chance to post this earlier. It happened earlier in the week, but the pic wasn’t available ’til this weekend. My boy’s first skinned knee!!

He was just toddling along and fell in the driveway. I know this is the first of many…I hope it doesn’t get any worse.

Beck also started trying to sit down. Might not seem important but he’s started doing it a lot, lately.

Must…watch…baby einstein….yes, master…

April 21, 2007


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Saturday was party day for Beck’s home-baby, Luke.

Used by permission…not really. Cute, ain’t he?

Beck spent time investigating hula hoops, playing with the water toys Luke’s folks had scattered around and ciphering on the intricacies of the bubble machine.

Bubble, bubble…toil and….

Oh and he experienced the pain that a woman can cause when he and his best girl Ella lost their balance while hugging. It was so cute, all the ‘rents nearby..including PapaBear, just watched it happen.

Afterwards we hadn’t even backed out of the parking space, and he was out like a light.

We went to another cookout at his cousin’s house and then came home, with a seriously spent Boo.

Not so much that we couldn’t do some yardwork…

Lending a hand…

He loves puttering around the yard. He also loves water, in general…


April 20, 2007

Tossing toys and taking orders…

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As Beck comes back from his battle with the snotty nose, he has pulled a few cool new features out of his bag of tricks.

All of his bath toys went airborne tonight. Gales of laughter followed each toy as it flew over the side.

Later, as we wound down towards bed time, he came to me in the living room carrying his bag of blocks.


“Okay lets go to your room and play with them.”

He turned around and led me back to his room. I also asked him to sit in the floor with me to play and he sat right down.

He’s been really keen to sit, lately. It’s really cute because he’ll kind of back up to whatever relatively flat space and then try and ease down.

As to the sickness, he’s a little cranky, but he usually doesn’t change too much when sick. Another reason he’s the best of all babies…

April 16, 2007

Our own private Hotzone…

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Our wee Beck is sick. No clear symptoms other than a stuffy nose and a slight fever. Poor guy can’t sleep well.

The only upside, we let him sleep with us since he was waking up every hour and Loe would have to sooth him back to sleep. Anyhoo, He flails in his sleep so it makes it hard for us to sleep as well. Sometimes I would manage to fall asleep only to wake and find him snuggled against me, asleep.

He likes me!! He really likes me!

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