April 20, 2007

Tossing toys and taking orders…

Posted in Milestone at 3:44 am by supertinyguy

As Beck comes back from his battle with the snotty nose, he has pulled a few cool new features out of his bag of tricks.

All of his bath toys went airborne tonight. Gales of laughter followed each toy as it flew over the side.

Later, as we wound down towards bed time, he came to me in the living room carrying his bag of blocks.


“Okay lets go to your room and play with them.”

He turned around and led me back to his room. I also asked him to sit in the floor with me to play and he sat right down.

He’s been really keen to sit, lately. It’s really cute because he’ll kind of back up to whatever relatively flat space and then try and ease down.

As to the sickness, he’s a little cranky, but he usually doesn’t change too much when sick. Another reason he’s the best of all babies…


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