April 15, 2007

Park day

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After the storms, we had a great weather day today. We spent the morning measuring out trim for the base boards in Beck’s room. Beck “helped” by carrying his favorite tape measure (bright orange) and them tromped around the front yard while PapaBear tried to cipher on the 45-degree cuts. Dad followed him around as he discovered the street and carried around a piece of trim…y’know in case I needed it.

Then he took a 3 hour nap while Loe ran some errands. When she got home and dad left we headed to the park. Along with the rest of Dallas.We managed to find a parking spot and walked around to find a place to spread a blanket. Beck was enthused to see some big kids wrestling around and tried like hell to join in. Later he played his new game, plopping on his tuckus and then falling backwards and rolling in the grass.

Tickle Monster Attacks

Splendor in the grass

I also squeezed in a couple of shots of my favorite subjects…


Oy the cutness!!!

Ready for action!!


A new word

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Beck is talking all the time. Some days he seems more chatty than I am…and thats saying something. This morning, he pointed at my dad and said, “Grampa”.

Dad gets an enormous amount of joy out of his grandson. Beck waved good bye to him for the entire time dad got in his car and drove down the street.

Beck and Grampa

Stuff I’ll miss

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The two bottom teeth. They are honkin’ cute. The inclusion of the top two teeth, are also cute, but I’ll miss this look…


Now that the weather is getting better, we’re doing plenty of yard work. Beck is anxious to help out and the overalls and rubber boots will soon pass.


Beck giggles and screams when he becomes…”inverted”. Way to go “Mav”…


Today, he fully said, “Daddy” today!!! I won’t miss it since I’ll hear it, with varying inflection, for a long time. Also, I wanted to end on an up note…


April 12, 2007

The joy of being loved

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Getting ready for bed…

Last night, as I readied Beck for bed, I put his jammies on (one foot at a time, just like the rest of us) and sat him up. Usually he’ll give me the patented hug/pat thing. He generally rests his head on my tummy and it’s all very cute.

Last night I didn’t get one, so after I dressed him I picked him up off the table and asked, “Beck, can I have a hug?” He looked at me with a big smile and threw his arms wide and gave me a big, fat kiss with a hug! Holy crap!

Of course later he did the same to his stuffed horse, but…

April 7, 2007

Greeted me coming out of the shower…

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All three stuffed animals, for the record.

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