May 23, 2007

Gerber, schmerber…

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Our kid has long since graduated from the baby food, but it amazes me what he will eat. The bite sizes are getting bigger and bigger. Sometimes the scared dad in me will remind him, “Don’t eat anything bigger than your head”. Wise words for the tot with a 1/16th of an inch noodle in his hands. I worry sometimes but if he gets his eating ability from me there will be no issue.

Anyhoo, we went to Mai’s a long-time favorite of Loe’s and a new fave of mine. We’ve been in a few times since Beck popped out, but this was the first time we just casually handed him an entire spring roll.


He nibbled it until it was gone and helped Loe with hers.


It’s great that he can eat what we do and the added bonus is I’m more conscious of what I eat. “…and a little Boo shall lead them.”

Who couldn’t follow this face?



May 22, 2007

Tales from the Trailer Park Front yard…

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After much deliberation, we decided to put in a pool. Hell, the Clampetts had one. Why not us? Luckily, we have the kinda money that lets us spare no expense. We even got a cover to help keep the bugs out. Yep, we’s uptown now…


Okay…maybe it’s not a concrete pond. Dammit, it’s a rite of parental passage to get a kiddie pool. We’re living the American dream!

May 21, 2007

Tales from the Backside…

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I can’t believe I didn’t share this sooner!

Beck has an…interesting habit. He poops every time we go to a bookstore. Every time. Feed that kid a jar of peanut butter and bananas topped off with a pound of cheese and then take him to Barnes And Noble for 10 minutes in the kids section. Sniff, sniff…whoo. Really, it’s any book store. It constantly amazes us and we’re usually caught without a diaper.

Maybe we could be poop hustlers? “Hey…buddy! Wanna bet I can make this kid poop?”

May 18, 2007

Blast from the past…

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This is a pic from last year. I stumbled across it and thought I’d post it, since swimming season is upon us…


May 17, 2007

Beck, rest and motion

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He’s been doing some dammed cute and more conscious acts.

He’s been trying to sit…everywhere.


Happily, at  bed time he’s pretty happy to climb up in my lap for some light reading.


He also has been pretty cuddly and loving. Beck is becoming very helpful around the house.

Lemme help, Mom

If nothing else, he does really cute crap. Lately he’s either trying to flip himself over or he’s break dancing.


Caught on film

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I’ve been trying to get a pic of these gestures for a couple of weeks. He’ll use them when he’s moving around, looking for something to get into or when you ask where something is.



(Don’t think I didn’t notice that he’s doing an inverted Vulcan salute)

He generally does it so quick I can’t get the camera up quick enough. Loe caught these at the flight museum. Well done, you.

May 15, 2007

My kid is no redneck, but….

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We can’t bring ourselves to cut this curl:



May 7, 2007

Weekend wrapup

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Busy weekend. We went to a friend’s house for dinner and Beck encountered his first brush with high stakes, cut-throat competition…


…yep, “Chutes and Ladders”

He also was embraced by his good friends…


Beck has also been very into the dogs. He has been petting Butterman regular like but has now fallen in love with Molly:


He has also started exploring his ability to do impersonations, such as…


Peter O’Toole in “Laurence Of Arabia



“Where ees moi baguette!?”

May 4, 2007

The Fickle Finger of Cute….er, Fate

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Beck has really been showing the love to PapaBear!! He has been teething like…a baby who is in serious discomfort. His sleep is pretty light and he wakes often. Generally, I’ll go in his room and get him and bring him to our bed to nurse. After he tops off, he has been doing this flop over thing onto Loe or drops over onto his tummy or back and then starts flopping around. That goes on for several minutes but ceases being cute after the second or third wee hand that slaps you in the face. The rapid impact of Beck’s noggin with my sack is always a sure ticket to Cribville.

Anyhoo, night before last he topped off and then popped out from under the blanket, finger pointing at me and binky squeeking. After successfully breaching, he flopped across my chest and…lay still. I can’t describe the feeling of that warm little body laying across me, breathing softly. I smiled in the dark, a secret smile that no one will see of feel. Yeah, there are a few other toddler in the world, I saw ’em. None are cuter or more loving than Beck. He digs his Papa! This lasted about five minutes but a great five minutes.

I also got a thrill today, when meeting Loe and The Beck for lunch. He saw me coming far across the parking lot. His face lit up and the finger shot out, pointing my way. When I came up close his little arms shot out to give me a hug.



Proof that karma exsists…

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Beck is getting to the point where he can sit in chairs and whatnot with out help in balancing. Also, the weather is pretty nice and we’ve been talking about getting a bike seat to take advantage of that weather. Loe has a bike, but we need to take it in for a tunes up and of course we have to get a a bike seat. The big issue is I don’t have a bike. We’ve been talking about going to a pawn shop or something and picking one up.

Loe and Beck went to White Rock to watch the spillway after the big storms. She called me at work to say she found a bike…literally. Someone had parked it there with a note basically saying, “We hope this will be enjoyed by some family”. Sure , it’s a wal mart special and weighs a ton. But I can ride it and it was in complete working condition.



Must be living right….