May 4, 2007

Proof that karma exsists…

Posted in Karma at 2:29 am by supertinyguy

Beck is getting to the point where he can sit in chairs and whatnot with out help in balancing. Also, the weather is pretty nice and we’ve been talking about getting a bike seat to take advantage of that weather. Loe has a bike, but we need to take it in for a tunes up and of course we have to get a a bike seat. The big issue is I don’t have a bike. We’ve been talking about going to a pawn shop or something and picking one up.

Loe and Beck went to White Rock to watch the spillway after the big storms. She called me at work to say she found a bike…literally. Someone had parked it there with a note basically saying, “We hope this will be enjoyed by some family”. Sure , it’s a wal mart special and weighs a ton. But I can ride it and it was in complete working condition.



Must be living right….


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