May 4, 2007

The Fickle Finger of Cute….er, Fate

Posted in ...sigh..., Frickin' Cute at 4:17 am by supertinyguy

Beck has really been showing the love to PapaBear!! He has been teething like…a baby who is in serious discomfort. His sleep is pretty light and he wakes often. Generally, I’ll go in his room and get him and bring him to our bed to nurse. After he tops off, he has been doing this flop over thing onto Loe or drops over onto his tummy or back and then starts flopping around. That goes on for several minutes but ceases being cute after the second or third wee hand that slaps you in the face. The rapid impact of Beck’s noggin with my sack is always a sure ticket to Cribville.

Anyhoo, night before last he topped off and then popped out from under the blanket, finger pointing at me and binky squeeking. After successfully breaching, he flopped across my chest and…lay still. I can’t describe the feeling of that warm little body laying across me, breathing softly. I smiled in the dark, a secret smile that no one will see of feel. Yeah, there are a few other toddler in the world, I saw ’em. None are cuter or more loving than Beck. He digs his Papa! This lasted about five minutes but a great five minutes.

I also got a thrill today, when meeting Loe and The Beck for lunch. He saw me coming far across the parking lot. His face lit up and the finger shot out, pointing my way. When I came up close his little arms shot out to give me a hug.




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