May 23, 2007

Gerber, schmerber…

Posted in Frickin' Cute, Kiddie Kibble at 9:47 pm by supertinyguy

Our kid has long since graduated from the baby food, but it amazes me what he will eat. The bite sizes are getting bigger and bigger. Sometimes the scared dad in me will remind him, “Don’t eat anything bigger than your head”. Wise words for the tot with a 1/16th of an inch noodle in his hands. I worry sometimes but if he gets his eating ability from me there will be no issue.

Anyhoo, we went to Mai’s a long-time favorite of Loe’s and a new fave of mine. We’ve been in a few times since Beck popped out, but this was the first time we just casually handed him an entire spring roll.


He nibbled it until it was gone and helped Loe with hers.


It’s great that he can eat what we do and the added bonus is I’m more conscious of what I eat. “…and a little Boo shall lead them.”

Who couldn’t follow this face?



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  1. Marty (grammy) said,

    The CUTEST baby in the whole wide world. His mom and dad have been the perfect parents and it shows in Beck’s demeanor. He is such a joy! AND he has the cutest toes and fingers anywhere! Can you tell I love him?

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