June 30, 2007

June wrapup

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It’s been an active month!

Beck has been in lakes and pools and splash parks, started talking up a storm…in his own special language, and in uber-cute english. He had his first face plant, play dates a-plenty and a love affair with citrus.

Click the picture for Beckett: June 2007!!



June 21, 2007

Man of action….

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…only a few seconds left…must stop the doomsday device…Wait! What was that…?


To be continued….

June 20, 2007

The real reason for a king bed…

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Beck is teething. When he falls asleep after nursing, we are often too tired to put him back in his crib. This is the pay-off…


June 19, 2007

Cheap entertainment…on many levels

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Dallas has a few water parks built in the local neighborhood parks. Not the big slide variety, just a spot with various devices to hose down young’uns of all ages. Loe discovered one, and another since. They’re great fun. Beck is sometimes a little freaked by all the kids running and splashing, but over comes it pretty quickly. He’s got a whole water fetish and maybe it’s just he doesn’t know where to begin.

Behold, the Charles Atlas of babies…


After getting all wet, he can step over to the normal playground for good natured hijinks. Sometimes, to the fright and delight of his papa…


June 18, 2007

Avast, ye scurvy dogs…

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…anyone know what “avast” means? Beck will not endure scurvy, at this rate.


June 13, 2007

L’il Red Wagon…

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Loe was cruising a garage…um, “estate sale” and found Beck his very first wagon. He’s been pulling and pushing anything that masses less than him for a while. This model is for a tyke more wee than out l’il Boo, but he adapted readily. He’s taken to dropping stuff in there, I think mostly for performance because it’s not to actually transport it around the house.


Man, how much more all-American can you get than that!

June 9, 2007

Lakes and snakes…

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Chalk one up for the “should’ve kept my pie hole shut” camp.

We trekked out to Cleburne State Park to check out the lake there. It’s only about an hour drive. $6 bucks got us in and we found an empty RV site down by the water. The water is pretty clean and the entry was easy. We “set up camp” and Molly hit the water ahead of us.


The water was nice, but I think out mojo was lost when Loe asked me, “Is there any chance there are snakes around?” Not two minutes after I poo-poo’d the thought, the folks in the next campground came walking by with a 3 foot piece of “shut yo mouth”.

We enjoyed a nice dry picnic after that…



June 3, 2007

May photo wrap-up

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I dropped off posting for the last couple of weeks. Hopefully, I’ll play catch up soon. In the meantime, here is a link to uber-cuteness and general frivolity. Trips to the pool and the lake…

A Boo-Diddle Sunday morning:
Morning Coffee