June 9, 2007

Lakes and snakes…

Posted in Frolicing, Swimming at 8:09 pm by supertinyguy

Chalk one up for the “should’ve kept my pie hole shut” camp.

We trekked out to Cleburne State Park to check out the lake there. It’s only about an hour drive. $6 bucks got us in and we found an empty RV site down by the water. The water is pretty clean and the entry was easy. We “set up camp” and Molly hit the water ahead of us.


The water was nice, but I think out mojo was lost when Loe asked me, “Is there any chance there are snakes around?” Not two minutes after I poo-poo’d the thought, the folks in the next campground came walking by with a 3 foot piece of “shut yo mouth”.

We enjoyed a nice dry picnic after that…




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