June 21, 2007

Man of action….

Posted in Caught In The Act, Frickin' Cute at 8:55 pm by supertinyguy

…only a few seconds left…must stop the doomsday device…Wait! What was that…?


To be continued….



  1. Shannon Denney said,

    Paul he is so adorable, but looks like he can get into a lot of mischief, kind of like his dad!!!
    Love Ya!

  2. Marty (grammy) said,

    The boy loves keys. And if you give him a keyhole he is in Heaven. He’s just about perfect in every way!

  3. Tim Chilcott said,

    Sean Connery eat your heart out! Future warrior..

  4. Carolyn Campbell said,

    So proud of Paul and Laura for having such a special boy…

  5. Jen Land said,

    That is such a great photo! I love it!

  6. linda tichenor said,

    Hey, he sure is big!! How have you all been? I guess Beckett will so be taking martial arts by the looks of it. Lots of love LT

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