July 31, 2007

I’m in the club!

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Riding down the escalator at Barnes & Noble, I randomly asked Beck, “Do you love me?”. He said, “yah” and then kissed me. It’s the first time he’s done that.

You have no idea…



July 29, 2007

Photo Update

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Yahoo is forcing us to move to Flikr.com.

I have to update the photo links, so don’t trip if you click on a monthly wrap-up and it’s not working.


STG Management

July 26, 2007


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Dad bought Beck his first big boy wagon. He rode with pride, up and down the ‘hood. Yo.

July 6, 2007

Future plumbers of America…

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July 4, 2007

At play

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Beck is incredibly interested in  other kids. Unless he’s not, then he comes a-running to Mom or papa. However, he soon over comes his shyness. Especially if the other kid moves or something.

I’ve noticed he’s into older ladies, 2 and three year old homewrckers, you know the type. He doesn’t really give much notice to babies younger than himself, but toddle by in anything pink and Beck can get uncomfortably close.

Today we had lunch at Dream Cafe, and while waiting for our table took a few minutes to shake out some sillies in the kid’s area. Another kid came by to see what our Boo was all about. It quickly became a game of chase…


Rockets red glare

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We had a company party for the 4th, although it was actually the 3rd. Don’t tell. Anyhoo, we had the grill set up outside the office, but Boo was entranced with the things you might expect to find around an IT company. He might have found his calling, already…

…pushin’ papers

Once the sun went down, around 1am, we took Beck over to peep his first fireworks. He responded like a champ with many , “what dat”s and a few “oooh!”s. Then he fell asleep in the pack. Schlepping him back wore dad out, but it was worth it.