August 28, 2007

Frick and Frack

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Sitting is really fun when your 2!! Even if the temperature is over 100 and your choice of chair is an assortment of scratchy native grasses sitting must ensue. JP is your first real friend. It’s so endearing to watch your personality unfold while the two of you spend time together. We love you JP!


Testimony to how funny you once thought mommy was

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I know (and it saddens me) that one day you will not think mommy is funny. I also know that one day you will be mortified that we took baths together, lots of ’em. I hope one day you will marry someone who will take baths with your little one so that you can enjoy the same pure joy on his/her face.

Peach…..your gateway drug?

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Before the Peach it never occurred to you that everything in the refrigerator was fair game. It started innocently enough, you saw the fuzzy orange ball sitting there on a plate and had to have it. It was on a shelf that you could reach so as to facilitate the addiction. Quickly you moved on and up, reaching, touching and spilling. So begins what I hope is a healthy love of good food and good people. We’ll worry about the wine later.

Super Tiny Guy’s Super Tiny Head

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We love your sweet little tiny head!! I was told by a bike shop employee that we would never be able to find a helmet to fit and consequently wouldn’t be able to ride with you. I was miffed but evermore determined!!
Here’s the fruits of mommy’s labor. And away we go!!!!!!

August 26, 2007

Ahh, Slide…my old enemy…

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…this time the advantage is mine!!

Beck conquered the slide!! He’s been down a couple with Mom or Pop, but never flew solo until a couple of weekends ago. He usually stays away from the slide when he’s playing, but that day my friends was different.

He pulled up his Fuzzi Bunz, pointed at the Tube Of Destiny looked at his old man and said, “Heh!(help…duh)”. Spying Mama waiting to catch him if the experiment went awry, he plunged headlong barely touching the sides.

He made two runs that day, each more daring than the last. With the hat, he kinda looks like a wee Indiana Jones. Kinda.

August 20, 2007

Thus Spoke Boo-athustra…

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The last week or so, Beck has moved from largely babbling to mostly babbling and trying to get his mouth around words. He still is largely monosyllabic(and why is that word so frappin’ syllabic?) usually the first syllable, but yesterday he picked up a pecan that had fallen in the backyard. I said “pecan” he said, “Peh”. I said it again to get the response “Peh”.

I’m a wily pop, so I tried an verbal end run.

“Beck can you say ‘Peh’?”


“Can you say ‘Can’?”


He He He…”can you say ‘Pecan’?”



Saturday we went for Mexican food and when the waiter asked my dad for his drink, “iced tea” then me, “iced tea”. Then a wee voice said, “Iced tea!”

Here is a Beck to English primer

Yellow = “Llellow”

Please = “Peas!”

Peach = “Pee”

Pee = “Pee”

Play Doh = “Pee”

Platypus = “Pee”

Water = “Wa”

More = “Mo-wa!”

Bagel = “Bee”

Help = “Heh”

…and for those of you still puzzling about the subject line…click here…then read more.

August 11, 2007

Sno Cones From God…

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It started secularly enough. My new favorite person (MNFP) and I decided to go visit her grandmother in Mineral Wells and since there happens to be a lake there it seemed as though a picnic and some swimming were in order. There we were frolicking innocently enough when we noticed that a stage, of sorts, was being set up. This was followed by an announcement that there would be a puppet show with music and Sno Cones for all. Well, as you can imagine these two moms thought they had struck gold. What more could you want out of trip to the lake with your toddlers. Turns out that what you might want is for the God part to be left out of the show. Yep, it turns out that this production was being hosted by a youth ministry group who decided that a state park would be the perfect venue for preaching. We stayed, listened to the music ( the puppets had amazing voices), danced for a while and then waited patiently for our Sno Cones. At the end of the day the kids had a great time and although I’m a little offended by the use of a state park to put on this sort of production the Sno Cones made it all worth it.

Thanks God!!



August 6, 2007

Me and Boo-lio down by the schoolyard…um, playground

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After Beck’s nap we unleashed the power of the Radio Flyer and went down to the park. There was no one else around so we kinda made the circuit. Beck busied himself throwing the playground bark in the air, so I sat down to a healthy session of digging in said bark. They didn’t have this stuff when I was a young’un. A deep layer of tree bark, almost like mulch. It’s really springy and deep, as I said.

I was digging it up, and turning it over. Fluffing it should help the child repelling properties. Beck wandered over and we spent ab out a half hour moving bark around. He has the calibrated tool, a piece of plastic from a juice bottle, whereas I was rocking that tried and true swiss army knife of my childhood, a stick. I dug some. He dug some. We took turns throwing it in the air.

Eventually another kid showed up and Beck followed him around for a few minutes before coming back to the bark excavation, already in progress. We weren’t looking for King Tut’s tomb, but I wouldn’t have traded it for all of his gold. He seemed pretty happy to just hang out with me and play in the bark.


August 5, 2007


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Boo was teething and in a rambunctious mood. Enter the sprinkler!! He wrestled with it for awhile, before conquering it. Here’s a still from the epic battle!

August 1, 2007

July 2007 Wrap Up

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Here’s July in a nutshell…