August 6, 2007

Me and Boo-lio down by the schoolyard…um, playground

Posted in Dad..., Frolicing at 10:10 pm by supertinyguy

After Beck’s nap we unleashed the power of the Radio Flyer and went down to the park. There was no one else around so we kinda made the circuit. Beck busied himself throwing the playground bark in the air, so I sat down to a healthy session of digging in said bark. They didn’t have this stuff when I was a young’un. A deep layer of tree bark, almost like mulch. It’s really springy and deep, as I said.

I was digging it up, and turning it over. Fluffing it should help the child repelling properties. Beck wandered over and we spent ab out a half hour moving bark around. He has the calibrated tool, a piece of plastic from a juice bottle, whereas I was rocking that tried and true swiss army knife of my childhood, a stick. I dug some. He dug some. We took turns throwing it in the air.

Eventually another kid showed up and Beck followed him around for a few minutes before coming back to the bark excavation, already in progress. We weren’t looking for King Tut’s tomb, but I wouldn’t have traded it for all of his gold. He seemed pretty happy to just hang out with me and play in the bark.



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  1. Marty said,

    What a lovely story. You are awesome! … So is Boo.

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