August 20, 2007

Thus Spoke Boo-athustra…

Posted in Milestone, Puzzling at 10:01 pm by supertinyguy

The last week or so, Beck has moved from largely babbling to mostly babbling and trying to get his mouth around words. He still is largely monosyllabic(and why is that word so frappin’ syllabic?) usually the first syllable, but yesterday he picked up a pecan that had fallen in the backyard. I said “pecan” he said, “Peh”. I said it again to get the response “Peh”.

I’m a wily pop, so I tried an verbal end run.

“Beck can you say ‘Peh’?”


“Can you say ‘Can’?”


He He He…”can you say ‘Pecan’?”



Saturday we went for Mexican food and when the waiter asked my dad for his drink, “iced tea” then me, “iced tea”. Then a wee voice said, “Iced tea!”

Here is a Beck to English primer

Yellow = “Llellow”

Please = “Peas!”

Peach = “Pee”

Pee = “Pee”

Play Doh = “Pee”

Platypus = “Pee”

Water = “Wa”

More = “Mo-wa!”

Bagel = “Bee”

Help = “Heh”

…and for those of you still puzzling about the subject line…click here…then read more.


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  1. Marty said,

    Thats a my boy! Pretty soon it’ll be the Webster Dictionary people coming to him for correct pronunciations.

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