September 22, 2007

I mean, c’mon…do I have to say anything else!?

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The finest slushies for all my men!!!

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My Loe has made some damn fine slushies and she froze some leftovers. We had a picnic lunch on the lanai and Loe brought out the frozen goodness. Boo brought out the cute…

…and kept it going after the treat turned gooey…

September 18, 2007

Work it, work it! Annnnd…I’m spent

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We were taking pics of the general cuteness at bed time and Beck started playing with the camera. Internets, I present you with the first pic ever taken by my own personal human!!!


He also managed a self-portrait, tentatively titled “The Boo Witch Project”…


…and of course a loving portrait of his beloved ‘rents…


At one point I wasn’t a bad photographer. Not great, but I can see the genius in his work, already.


Downward Facing Boo

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My Loe took up yoga recently. That has little to do with the general frivolity we have at bedtime (“we” as in the three of us, get your head out of it!). However, on this night Loe tried some stretches and Beck saw the opportunity to rock it in uber-cute mode…

The Loe decided to go all improv, much to the delight of Boo.

I guess the whole purpose of this post, other than to share “The Cute” with the internets, is to make mention that Beck is taking great pleasure in helping out and getting involved in the reindeer games. Often the by-product is giggles and smiles:

September 16, 2007

Patience is a virtue

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We house sat this weekend. Beck cheated on the Platypus with the big stuffed puppy. Okay, it looked like it had been flattened on the road. But it was soft and snuggly and it took two days to catch Beck in the act. He has come back to his senses and he and Platy are happily together again…

He would throw it down and pile on, a wee cute explosion,that would end before I got the damn camera ready.

I waited…I watched… I pounced!


Boom, Daddy-o!!

September 10, 2007

Inadvertantly instilling good habits!? Moi!?

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We sat there today, playing with blocks. By “playing” I mean I build an architectual paragon and Beck smashed it. When I pointed out that the foundation weathered his personal hurricane, he proceded to stomp on it. It’s cool, I can take him…but I digress.

Suddenly, Boo got up and ran into the bathroom. I heard him opening the cabinet under the sink. I heard the “thump, thump, thump” of excited feet storming towards me. He came around the couch holding a bottle of mouthwash, smiling.

“Is that for me?”


I took it from him and he proceeded to climb into my lap. He started looking back at me all smiley and what not. I took a swig of minty fresh-ness and he took it back and zipped off to the bathroom. I followed him and watched him put the bottle back in and close the door. He then pointed at the sink. Again with the smiling. I spit and heard, a second later, “Spah!”

I love that lad.

September 3, 2007

Brotherhood of the Platypus

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Boo has recently fallen in love with the bane of evolution proponents, the lovable Platypus. Stuffed, to be clear. No, not that kinda stuffed.
Last weekend, he took it almost everywhere. He slept with it and even took it to the zoo, where it got loose.


This is his first real crush after an early, brief affair with a series of Ugly Dolls.
You go boy!

September 1, 2007

August 2007 Wrap Up

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We made it through another hot month. We manged to have some fun and hit a few baby milestones.


The month in Pictures!