September 10, 2007

Inadvertantly instilling good habits!? Moi!?

Posted in Dad..., Puzzling at 9:41 pm by supertinyguy

We sat there today, playing with blocks. By “playing” I mean I build an architectual paragon and Beck smashed it. When I pointed out that the foundation weathered his personal hurricane, he proceded to stomp on it. It’s cool, I can take him…but I digress.

Suddenly, Boo got up and ran into the bathroom. I heard him opening the cabinet under the sink. I heard the “thump, thump, thump” of excited feet storming towards me. He came around the couch holding a bottle of mouthwash, smiling.

“Is that for me?”


I took it from him and he proceeded to climb into my lap. He started looking back at me all smiley and what not. I took a swig of minty fresh-ness and he took it back and zipped off to the bathroom. I followed him and watched him put the bottle back in and close the door. He then pointed at the sink. Again with the smiling. I spit and heard, a second later, “Spah!”

I love that lad.


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