September 18, 2007

Work it, work it! Annnnd…I’m spent

Posted in Caught In The Act, Frickin' Cute, Milestone at 9:22 pm by supertinyguy

We were taking pics of the general cuteness at bed time and Beck started playing with the camera. Internets, I present you with the first pic ever taken by my own personal human!!!


He also managed a self-portrait, tentatively titled “The Boo Witch Project”…


…and of course a loving portrait of his beloved ‘rents…


At one point I wasn’t a bad photographer. Not great, but I can see the genius in his work, already.




  1. Marty (grammy) said,

    He’s going to be a genius at photography just like his greatgrandfather. And he’s so good at Yoga, as well!

  2. “my own personal human”
    Mine even comes with a tax deduction and opinion on what I wear.

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