October 29, 2007

The Return of Boo

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Beck and My Loe have returned from their adventure in Santa Fe, happily free of turquoise and kokopelli figures. There are many pictures and cute stories, I’ll leave the stories to Loe. Here are some pics…


…rockin’ the cute before they even hit the road.

On the road….before:


…and after…


in between, however:


Call Jethro Tull….stat!


It’s all about the headgear, man!


Beck appears to have discovered basic physics principles or has become Dr. Frankenstein…


Coming up….Halloween!!



October 22, 2007

Whole New World

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Boo and My Loe have flown the coop, accompanying a friend on a trip to Santa Fe. I’m a rough, tough guy who has never really missed anyone too terribly, even while in the Navy. I prided myself on being able to compartmentalize that stuff and get on with the grind.They left on Thursday and I missed them on Friday morning. What a sap… 100_7894
 …and of course the “Package Totale”   100_8082

October 1, 2007

Monthly Wrapup

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OK, OK…I know I’m behind schedule. It’s hard out there for a daddy-blogger..

Here’s September!