December 2, 2007

The wily and elusive Chrismahannakwazaaka tree

Posted in Holidays, Milestone at 10:14 pm by supertinyguy

We went on the prowl for our first Xmas tree. A lesser family might go down to Home Depot and by some second rate shrub. Not this clan! We braved the wilds of Terrell,TX. Specifically the no man’s land of Lone Star Pines Tree Farm


Miles and miles of trees, untouched by man nor toddler! Calling out to be wrenched free and tossed on top of the 4Runner, like so much…well exactly like a tree. (Stupidly, we did not get a pic of the tree, bagged and tagged, on our chariot. Be “we” I mean “me”).

It started out innocently enough, hot cider on a 70 degree day, many fine farm machines and a hay ride…


…then the hunt began. Papa and Beck took point.


The smell of cold sap, I mean fear, was so thick you could cut it with a saw. Luckily, we had such a tool.

The herds of trees were dropping needles as we stalked among them…waiting…watching…until we found out victim, then Beck and Papa struck!


Deceptively hard to saw through that bugger, even with the Baby Help. Luckily, I had the help, or at least encouragement, of a few thousand ants. In the end, there can be only one…tree. Papa and Boo stand triumphant!!


So, we were not with out our injuries. Papa was ant food and Beck was assaulted by a tractor.


The wounds may heal, but the scars…oh the horror!!




Mommy wired the tree for lights and papa defied gravity to hang the outdoor lights. Interesting work trying this on an incline and without a net…


Let the Holidays commence!! Now I must go and get prepared for the Feats Of Strength


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  1. kimmie said,

    This is more than we’ve been involved with as lights on the house go! It’s just bad enough looking at you guys with your shortsleeve shirts on and flip flops!!!

    xoxox Kimmie

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