December 22, 2007

A Very Boo Christmas…

Posted in Dad..., Holidays, Milestone at 9:17 am by supertinyguy

Today, I had the unexpected joy of wrapping and placing gifts under the tree for my family. There weren’t that many and they were badly wrapped (look, I’m a Renaissance man…but no Origami master, OK!?) but dammit, I’m a dad at Christmas!100_8974

This is Beck’s second christmas but the first one he’s really going to understand what’s going on. I will, henceforth, begin sweating it starting in September. The words of Sun Tzu will ring in my ears as I plot to get the coolest toys for my l’il guy…or Ghengis Khan, by way of Conan(“Crush the other fathers..see them driven before me…and hear the lamentation of the toddlers).I really can’t wait to see how he reacts to the paper, ribbons and noisy stuff. 100_8975


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