January 29, 2008

Hey Hey, we’re the Monkey-ahs…

Posted in Baby Babble, Frickin' Cute, Puzzling at 10:03 pm by supertinyguy

Over the last few weeks, Beck has been adding words at an alarming and charming pace. Sometimes, there is a clash of terms. “Monkey” is currently “Monkey-ahs”.

For example, his growing obsession with Monsters, Inc. For a bit it was “Monsties”, but it has crossed over to “Monkey-ahs” for the most part.

This Sunday morning, Boo excitedly asked me, “Monkey-ahs! Monkey-ahs!…” I located the DVD. Then is was “Ho’d! Ho’d!” He wanted to carry the disc and then put it in the player. He gets so excited, he hits the buttons too many times, making him get more excited because nothing is happening. I love watching the wee hands…no doubt the hands of a surgeon…working to put the DVD in and pushing the tray to make it retract.

The DVD in, he runs over to the couch. “Sit! Sit” He climbs up and pats the cushion next to him, so I sit down and we start to watch the flick. I grabbed the blanket and covered our legs and Beck leaned up against me and rested his head on my chest. He does this little thing where he puts a hand on you and kind of pats you with his fingers. It kills me, every time. I got, like, 15 minutes of that.

Sunday morning, piled up on the couch with my son, coffee and “monkey-ahs”. Sucked to be anyone else…


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