February 3, 2008

Boo at the Stockyards…

Posted in Caught In The Act, Frolicing at 9:30 pm by supertinyguy

It’s rodeo time here in Texas. I guess it always is, really. But this is a big one in Fort Worth.

We drove in and loaded our nap-deprived tot in the car. He then proceeded to not nap in the car, as well. Oy.

We walked in the gates and say….horsies!!


We accidentally mentioned the fact that there was an equine potential on Saturday morning. Beck reminded us all day.

We decided to head on into the grounds, since the line of squalling kids waiting for the pony ride was a mile long. Only to run into the petting zoo. This was not to be missed. Llamas!! They had Llama…Lamae…anyhoo, since we’ve been reading, “Is your momma a llama” this was a must see.



The only thing he didn’t feed was daddy. And woe to the grown-up that gets in his way…


Later, we had a high-speed impact with some of the best things in life, barbecue and chocolate-covered cheesecake!!!


Belly full of sweets and grease, we hit the midway for the very first carnival ride. I fully expected Beck to love it or dissolve into a crying mess. Survey says….?


I take issue with the carny rules, though. Beck can tear it up, as above. He can chase down “Them Duke Boys” in the air, no less…


But was “too small” to ride the choo-choo.


Like that rattle trap is the bullet train. Beck crawls faster than that thing moved. Yet, he was denied the pleasure of cruising in “Thomas” by carny trash.

I was gonna get all, “excuse me sir, allow me to diagram the thrust co-efficient and aerodynamic frosnels…” on him. But we were rapidly on our way to this:


Which rapidly turned to this, after we got on the shuttle:




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