February 5, 2008

Damn, it feels good to be a toddler…

Posted in Caught In The Act, The Hat at 10:30 pm by supertinyguy

I’ve read other blogs…yes, there are other blogs…that have related the interesting fashion choices that their kids have put forth. I thought it was funny and what not. I didn’t expect it to happen to Boo. Mommy keeps a close eye on his fashion sense and does a fine job of keeping him looking honkin’ cute.

I came home to find this awaiting me:


Now, you can’t see that he’s in a cute t-shirt and his diapers, but he is and that whole combo maybe lost on you, dear reader. Taken together…priceless. He’s also wearing daddy’s hat, a left over from my Navy days. For me, that makes it uber-cute.


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