February 16, 2008

From the mouths of babes…

Posted in Baby Babble at 3:00 pm by supertinyguy

We used to be hip.

Pop culture references and the latest slang flowed from our lizz-ips. We were so hip we couldn’t see over our belts.

Now, our hip references consist of whatever Boo has been spilling lately.

I already told you about “Dere doo doh” (Here you go)

Now our speech and random exclaimations include Boo-isms, such as:

“Fuh-nee!!” used to acknowledge the humor in a situation

“Huggies” not the diaper, but an actual hug.

“Move!!” as in “Excuse me, kind sir/madam. I require access to the area you occupy, please”

“Happy Cakes” Used by Beck to describe a birthday cake, used by us to discribe pretty much any dessert.

The list is growing daily. Some are one-offs, others seem to be sticking around as he adds words at a dizzying pace. Often he’s just repeating the last couple of words we say, cute non-sequitors echoing from the back seat.

Keep ’em coming, bright boy…

are sticking around.


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