March 23, 2008

Beck 10, Bunny 0

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Beck went Mano a Paw-o With the Easter Bunny for the first time. The bunny was found lacking.


Beck was often bored by the mere act of egg gathering, picking up a couple of eggs and then wandering off completely ignoring the 10 or so eggs scattered around him. An egg in the hand is worth 8 at your feet, I guess.






Beck in action, hunting and gathering.

On Easter morning, Boo learned how to peel easter eggs!

After the Gentile festivities, we went for bagels! Equal time and such…

Happy Easter from The Boo and Crew!!


March 22, 2008

Bend it like Beck-Ham…

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…or Boo-ham.

Beck kicked the ball back to me, for the first time!! He normally just kicks the ball once and then gets bored. Today, he kicked it back and we booted it around for, like, 10 minutes! I’m not sure what cracked me up more, the snorting he did when laughing or the tiny screams of “Goal” when he kicked the ball.

March 10, 2008

New feature!!

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Thanks to a heads up from my brother dad Metrodad I found an easy place to store video for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy the first feature presentation, “Boo in the snow”

March 1, 2008

February in review

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Beck hits the zoo, the rodeo, the trolley and does a little housesitting. Mom and Dad got a brief glimpse of what it’s like to have two kids and to hear “no” about a thousand times a day.

Beck added words and attitude…go see what February looked like!! Click the pic to travel back in time…