April 28, 2008

O Family, My Family!!!

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Beck and My Loe are off in NYC. They left a week ago and the barely contained sobbing started when I saw them off and went to climb in my car and saw the empty baby seat in the back. Oy, what a softie!

I now understand the term “rattling around the house”. Not only is there the crushing silence of the toddler-free house, but the sheer volume of crap that still needs to be done. Cleaning, taking care of the dogs, house stuff. My routine is suddenly upended and crammed full of stuff. I honestly sit there bummed about my better two-thirds being gone and depressed about all the crap I need to get done, thus frozen.

The high points of my day are the calls when I talk to my love and then get to hear that cute little voice say “Ya you” or “daddy come!?” (which is particularly heart-breaking).

Anyhoo, I need to post some pics and I fixed the month link for last month. I’m lonely…


April 9, 2008

March 2008!!

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The Merry Month of March…A visit to the old country…a visit from old friends…a visit from the Easter Bunny!!