May 28, 2008

Beck Takes Manhattan!!!

Posted in Frickin' Cute, Frolicing, Holidays at 8:16 am by supertinyguy

Okay, It’s been a while! I get it. Look Boo and Mommy where gone for three weeks and I was SO happy to have them back. The there was an outbreak of plague in the house, coupled with a few car issues and general life stuff. I also screwed up the photo upload, so I had to go in and delete multiple copies…yadda, yadda.

If Mommy has time, she’ll blog about the amazing adventures they had.
Click the pic for Big Apple cuteness!!




  1. Jonathon said,

    Good to hear everyone’s back safe and sound. 🙂

  2. Linda Tichenor said,

    Hey! I had almost forgotten about you all. When are you coming this way again? Beck is at the age now when he would appreciate all my horses!! I am going to New Mexico for a week starting on Saturday May 31. Going to a ranch, of course to ride. Keep the photos coming. LT

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