June 21, 2008

Beckett Howser, M.D.

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Everyone thinks their kid is a super-genius and is going to be a lawyer-astronaut. Now, I have photographic proof!!


Beck found a few “ban-bans” and could tell I was awash in boo-boos. Luckily, he was in-network and it was just a $30 co-pay…


Remember “Emergency”, the TV show? It always looked so cool when they grabbed a sterile package of something and ripped it open with their mouth…thereby contaminating it…well, it just looks cute when a 2-foot tall ER doc does it.



Ironically, I cut my hand a couple days later and all we had were SpongeBob band-aids…Boo’s contribution was to ask, “Daddy have boo-boo? Knife?” and kiss it every few minutes.


June 10, 2008

Blatantly reckless…and fun!

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When many of us were small, safety was a flexible word. Darwinism did it’s thing and we went right on riding on the center console in the car, laying on the space between the rear window and the back seat, riding bikes with no helmet and B.B. gun wars with NO eye protection.

Since becoming a dad, my view on how those “namby-pamby bleeding hearts” have taken the danger, and therefore some fun, out of being a kid has softened. A bit. However, a healthy respect for the awesome power of the lawn dart can foster the ever useful common sense.

However, sometimes you just want to have fun. Knowing your limits allows that and makes it more so. Here’s something I never thought I would do:

Beck loved it and so did mommy and me. Later, I got the gut wrenching feeling of pride and sadness. Beck learned (incredibly fast) to drive an electric kid-sized tractor. After a while he wanted to follow me around on that 4 wheeler. For about 15 minutes he followed me around, stopping to pick up sticks and “fow-wers” to put in the trailer. Then, as the sun set behind him (not kidding…I felt like was in “Field Of Dreams”), he looked at me waved and said, “Bye Daddy!” and turned the trailer off in a different direction. Again, seriously, into the sunset. This is the first time that Beck has done it, and won’t be the last. So much pride and sadness.