July 13, 2008


Posted in Caught In The Act, Milestone at 8:15 pm by supertinyguy

Belated post…

So the other day I opened Beck’s door, and found him in the crib with one leg almost over the side. Noted and moved on…

The next day, the same. Uh-oh…

2 days later:

Beck was napping in our room, in the pack-n-play. After about 3 hours, I’m washing my hands in the hall bathroom when I hear the hum of the AC get louder. Even as my dizzying intellect put it together I heard the cutest “thumpthumpthump” of wee Boo feet running down the hall. The cat, it would seem is out of the bed. I looked out in time to see Beck speed past, on course for mommy. The thumping came to a halt and Beck backs up and looks at me with a huge smile, “Hi daddy!!” and a wave, before heading to mommy. The “aww, dammit” momment dissolved, briefly, to a “aww, cute”. That gave way to, “damn developmental milestones!”

Since then, we’ve had only one bedtime battle. We’d seen that stuff on “Supernanny” and knew what to do. Hopefully that will be the last. For now, we just know that when Beck is done with his nap, he’s REALLY done with his nap.


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