August 31, 2008

Welcome to the world!!

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My Brother From Another Mother, Todd and his lovely and talented wife welcomed William Kean Ratliff into the world @ 2:52a.m. Yea!!!


August 28, 2008

“Manners, Clarice…

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…must be kept.” Unless you’re a toddler.

Up until last night, when Beck would crawl into bed with us he’d crawl over me to get to mommy with an incredibly cute, “S’cuse me daddy! Need pass by!”. Although it’s the wee hours of the damn morning, it always makes us smile and laugh.

This morning, Boo came a-calling with a new greeting.

“Daddy!? Move yo’ butt!”

I kid you not. To be fair, there was much smiling and laughing

August 1, 2008

July 2008 Wrap Up

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OK…yeah, I’ve been a lazy blogger. Beck has done so many amazing things in the last month, and I’ve been remiss on sharing. I know you’ve all been missing it. And by “all” I mean you there, in the back. The free donuts will be out soon.


Anyhoo, this month in pictures documents:

…We celebrate our country’s independence

…Boo learns to drive

…Beck finds his muse

…it was frappin’ hot. No, seriously. We don’t consider 90-degrees as “hot”. Capice?

…we entertained

…Beck gets his swim lessons on.

Click the pic for triple digit cuteness!!