September 14, 2008

Waste Management

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:44 pm by supertinyguy

I am ready to declare Beck has his potty badge!!

3 days in a row he’s requested to go poo, or has just gone while he was on the pot to pee.

We’ve had no accidents and usually the overnight diaper has been dry.

The secret, you ask? Simple. Bribe him.

Load up a jar with candy…M & Ms, animal crackers…we stared with a Kung-Fu Panda Pex dispenser…and we give him 1 candy for pee and deux for poo. We bought a porta potty for the car, and put him on it about every 45 mins, after a lengthy ride, after a meal, etc.

Also, much like house training a puppy, we just watch him after he wakes up or eats.

For me, it was a few days of freaking out when taking him into the bathroom at a restarant.  That kid made it a point to touch everything. Toilet bowls, toilet seats, urinal cakes…oh, the urinal cakes. Daddy reflexes kicked in before he could decide it looked like a ginourmous candy.

Candy and diligence, people!!


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