February 8, 2009

Random Cuteness

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We were having lunch at the Garden Cafe when nature called for Beck.

We went into the bathroom and as usual Beck told me to leave. Appearently, 3 year olds want to gather their thoughts and meditate when pooing.

Soon I heard , “Daddy?”

I walked in and heard, “Daddy!! I went poo-poo!! Yea!!! I love you!!”


October 2, 2008

I wish the snooze button would last forever…

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When Beck sleeps with us, usually he’s over by Loe. I’ve been subtly jealous of this, but hey she’s “mommy” and I’m just the guy that puts the trains together.

This morning, I was sleeping on my side and hit the snooze button(first of many, as usual) when I realized the wee warm presence along my back, gently rising and falling from his breath.

10 minutes of snooze was not enough, my friends. Not this day…

February 4, 2008

Art imitates life….

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When Beck hands you something, sometimes you get a polite “there you go”. This of course goes through the cute-o-matic and comes out as, “Dere do doh…”.

Mommy and I say it to each other, jokingly.

Saturday, I was teaching class and after adjusting a block or stance I realized I was saying, “Dere do doh…”. Lucky all my students are parents, huh?

January 13, 2008

Your dad is a sap…

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So, I sat there today, doing all the outstanding things Beck’s dad does, when that Harry Chapin song “Cats in the Cradle” came on the radio. Now all that know me are well aware that I’m a walking death machine. I’m the kinda guy that women love and men want to be. Honestly, I’ve leapt from perfectly good airplanes and gone to classified depths in a submarine. I’ve got my “Man Card”.

That song made me all weepy. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that song in my life, but now it has a whole new meaning. I hope I’m the kinda of dad that can have a catch with my super tiny guy and will have the presence of mind to know when that takes precedence over toeing the line for The Man.


On a lighter…and ironic… note, this was the number one song, preceding “Cats”…

December 22, 2007

A Very Boo Christmas…

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Today, I had the unexpected joy of wrapping and placing gifts under the tree for my family. There weren’t that many and they were badly wrapped (look, I’m a Renaissance man…but no Origami master, OK!?) but dammit, I’m a dad at Christmas!100_8974

This is Beck’s second christmas but the first one he’s really going to understand what’s going on. I will, henceforth, begin sweating it starting in September. The words of Sun Tzu will ring in my ears as I plot to get the coolest toys for my l’il guy…or Ghengis Khan, by way of Conan(“Crush the other fathers..see them driven before me…and hear the lamentation of the toddlers).I really can’t wait to see how he reacts to the paper, ribbons and noisy stuff. 100_8975

September 10, 2007

Inadvertantly instilling good habits!? Moi!?

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We sat there today, playing with blocks. By “playing” I mean I build an architectual paragon and Beck smashed it. When I pointed out that the foundation weathered his personal hurricane, he proceded to stomp on it. It’s cool, I can take him…but I digress.

Suddenly, Boo got up and ran into the bathroom. I heard him opening the cabinet under the sink. I heard the “thump, thump, thump” of excited feet storming towards me. He came around the couch holding a bottle of mouthwash, smiling.

“Is that for me?”


I took it from him and he proceeded to climb into my lap. He started looking back at me all smiley and what not. I took a swig of minty fresh-ness and he took it back and zipped off to the bathroom. I followed him and watched him put the bottle back in and close the door. He then pointed at the sink. Again with the smiling. I spit and heard, a second later, “Spah!”

I love that lad.

August 6, 2007

Me and Boo-lio down by the schoolyard…um, playground

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After Beck’s nap we unleashed the power of the Radio Flyer and went down to the park. There was no one else around so we kinda made the circuit. Beck busied himself throwing the playground bark in the air, so I sat down to a healthy session of digging in said bark. They didn’t have this stuff when I was a young’un. A deep layer of tree bark, almost like mulch. It’s really springy and deep, as I said.

I was digging it up, and turning it over. Fluffing it should help the child repelling properties. Beck wandered over and we spent ab out a half hour moving bark around. He has the calibrated tool, a piece of plastic from a juice bottle, whereas I was rocking that tried and true swiss army knife of my childhood, a stick. I dug some. He dug some. We took turns throwing it in the air.

Eventually another kid showed up and Beck followed him around for a few minutes before coming back to the bark excavation, already in progress. We weren’t looking for King Tut’s tomb, but I wouldn’t have traded it for all of his gold. He seemed pretty happy to just hang out with me and play in the bark.


July 31, 2007

I’m in the club!

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Riding down the escalator at Barnes & Noble, I randomly asked Beck, “Do you love me?”. He said, “yah” and then kissed me. It’s the first time he’s done that.

You have no idea…


October 28, 2006

Why don’t you…

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My lovely Loe was sitting in the bed, better known as our fold out couch (backstory: we once again ceded the grown-up sleep zone to Nibblet, in an effort to ease him in to the hell world of waking alone. Unexpected Bonus: sleeping with the television on!) and I was reading MetroDad, a blog from a cool dad. She was working on one of those “Your first year” books for Nib and trying to recall key events.

She said, ” how can people remember this stuff?”

I responded, “They blog.”

“Why don’t you?” Block, parry, thrust.

“I have one, but…” Oy.