August 28, 2007

Testimony to how funny you once thought mommy was

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I know (and it saddens me) that one day you will not think mommy is funny. I also know that one day you will be mortified that we took baths together, lots of ’em. I hope one day you will marry someone who will take baths with your little one so that you can enjoy the same pure joy on his/her face.


Super Tiny Guy’s Super Tiny Head

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We love your sweet little tiny head!! I was told by a bike shop employee that we would never be able to find a helmet to fit and consequently wouldn’t be able to ride with you. I was miffed but evermore determined!!
Here’s the fruits of mommy’s labor. And away we go!!!!!!

June 13, 2007

L’il Red Wagon…

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Loe was cruising a garage…um, “estate sale” and found Beck his very first wagon. He’s been pulling and pushing anything that masses less than him for a while. This model is for a tyke more wee than out l’il Boo, but he adapted readily. He’s taken to dropping stuff in there, I think mostly for performance because it’s not to actually transport it around the house.


Man, how much more all-American can you get than that!

April 23, 2007

Cracking momma up…

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Posted only because it so cute. If it makes mama happy, then…


Beck has been very into his binky. Kooky since he wanted nothing to do with them, until now. He only wants it when goes down for a nap or bed time. If The Beck is happy, then…