December 20, 2008

Almost missed it…

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This is in my top 5 pics of me and Beck. Sitting in my lap, waiting for the Scrooge puppet show at NorthPark…



October 2, 2008

I wish the snooze button would last forever…

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When Beck sleeps with us, usually he’s over by Loe. I’ve been subtly jealous of this, but hey she’s “mommy” and I’m just the guy that puts the trains together.

This morning, I was sleeping on my side and hit the snooze button(first of many, as usual) when I realized the wee warm presence along my back, gently rising and falling from his breath.

10 minutes of snooze was not enough, my friends. Not this day…

June 10, 2008

Blatantly reckless…and fun!

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When many of us were small, safety was a flexible word. Darwinism did it’s thing and we went right on riding on the center console in the car, laying on the space between the rear window and the back seat, riding bikes with no helmet and B.B. gun wars with NO eye protection.

Since becoming a dad, my view on how those “namby-pamby bleeding hearts” have taken the danger, and therefore some fun, out of being a kid has softened. A bit. However, a healthy respect for the awesome power of the lawn dart can foster the ever useful common sense.

However, sometimes you just want to have fun. Knowing your limits allows that and makes it more so. Here’s something I never thought I would do:

Beck loved it and so did mommy and me. Later, I got the gut wrenching feeling of pride and sadness. Beck learned (incredibly fast) to drive an electric kid-sized tractor. After a while he wanted to follow me around on that 4 wheeler. For about 15 minutes he followed me around, stopping to pick up sticks and “fow-wers” to put in the trailer. Then, as the sun set behind him (not kidding…I felt like was in “Field Of Dreams”), he looked at me waved and said, “Bye Daddy!” and turned the trailer off in a different direction. Again, seriously, into the sunset. This is the first time that Beck has done it, and won’t be the last. So much pride and sadness.

April 28, 2008

O Family, My Family!!!

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Beck and My Loe are off in NYC. They left a week ago and the barely contained sobbing started when I saw them off and went to climb in my car and saw the empty baby seat in the back. Oy, what a softie!

I now understand the term “rattling around the house”. Not only is there the crushing silence of the toddler-free house, but the sheer volume of crap that still needs to be done. Cleaning, taking care of the dogs, house stuff. My routine is suddenly upended and crammed full of stuff. I honestly sit there bummed about my better two-thirds being gone and depressed about all the crap I need to get done, thus frozen.

The high points of my day are the calls when I talk to my love and then get to hear that cute little voice say “Ya you” or “daddy come!?” (which is particularly heart-breaking).

Anyhoo, I need to post some pics and I fixed the month link for last month. I’m lonely…

January 30, 2008

Those magic words…

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Loe put Beck to bed, only to have him make a ruckus 10 minutes later. Papa went in to lay down the law. Here’s a detailed transcript:

Papa: Are you OK, Boo?

Beck: Hug?

(Ok, that’s frappin’ awesome!!)

B: Wa-wa?

P: You need water?

B: Uh-huh…hug?

I gave him the sippy cup and he put his arms up to hug me. How cool is that!? I picked him up and he put his arms around me and gave me a hug, laying his head down and doing that pat thing.

When he raised his head:

P: Are you ready to go to sleep?

B: Yeah. Bed?

I put him down, covered him up.

P: ‘Night Boo. I love you.

I turned towards the door.

B: (quietly) Ya you…

(Music swells)


January 13, 2008

Your dad is a sap…

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So, I sat there today, doing all the outstanding things Beck’s dad does, when that Harry Chapin song “Cats in the Cradle” came on the radio. Now all that know me are well aware that I’m a walking death machine. I’m the kinda guy that women love and men want to be. Honestly, I’ve leapt from perfectly good airplanes and gone to classified depths in a submarine. I’ve got my “Man Card”.

That song made me all weepy. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that song in my life, but now it has a whole new meaning. I hope I’m the kinda of dad that can have a catch with my super tiny guy and will have the presence of mind to know when that takes precedence over toeing the line for The Man.


On a lighter…and ironic… note, this was the number one song, preceding “Cats”…

October 22, 2007

Whole New World

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Boo and My Loe have flown the coop, accompanying a friend on a trip to Santa Fe. I’m a rough, tough guy who has never really missed anyone too terribly, even while in the Navy. I prided myself on being able to compartmentalize that stuff and get on with the grind.They left on Thursday and I missed them on Friday morning. What a sap… 100_7894
 …and of course the “Package Totale”   100_8082

September 22, 2007

I mean, c’mon…do I have to say anything else!?

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August 28, 2007

Super Tiny Guy’s Super Tiny Head

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We love your sweet little tiny head!! I was told by a bike shop employee that we would never be able to find a helmet to fit and consequently wouldn’t be able to ride with you. I was miffed but evermore determined!!
Here’s the fruits of mommy’s labor. And away we go!!!!!!

July 31, 2007

I’m in the club!

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Riding down the escalator at Barnes & Noble, I randomly asked Beck, “Do you love me?”. He said, “yah” and then kissed me. It’s the first time he’s done that.

You have no idea…


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