April 27, 2007

A kiss, a hug, a nuzzle

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I was pushing Beck on the swing today. At some point I made some vague kissing noise and Beck leaned forward on the swing, puckering up. I caught the swing and he gave me a kiss. He then threw his arms ’round my neck…kinda. He leaned his head in and nuzzled my cheek.

He’s been more and more huggy this last week. Last night, we brought him into bed with us. He was running a fever, hopefully from that tooth thats trying to come in. I had left the room on a binky quest and Beck didn’t see me come back in because he was snacking. I got back in bed and said something to Loe. He popped up over her shoulder, binky in place, and pointed at me. Then he climbed over his mommy so he was resting on her and his head was laying on my chest. There was no way I was touching him or moving.

Sometimes you need to sop the gravy when you can…


April 16, 2007

Our own private Hotzone…

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Our wee Beck is sick. No clear symptoms other than a stuffy nose and a slight fever. Poor guy can’t sleep well.

The only upside, we let him sleep with us since he was waking up every hour and Loe would have to sooth him back to sleep. Anyhoo, He flails in his sleep so it makes it hard for us to sleep as well. Sometimes I would manage to fall asleep only to wake and find him snuggled against me, asleep.

He likes me!! He really likes me!