November 1, 2008

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Camping and Birthdays…man, we go to a lot of birthdays.


September 14, 2008

Waste Management

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I am ready to declare Beck has his potty badge!!

3 days in a row he’s requested to go poo, or has just gone while he was on the pot to pee.

We’ve had no accidents and usually the overnight diaper has been dry.

The secret, you ask? Simple. Bribe him.

Load up a jar with candy…M & Ms, animal crackers…we stared with a Kung-Fu Panda Pex dispenser…and we give him 1 candy for pee and deux for poo. We bought a porta potty for the car, and put him on it about every 45 mins, after a lengthy ride, after a meal, etc.

Also, much like house training a puppy, we just watch him after he wakes up or eats.

For me, it was a few days of freaking out when taking him into the bathroom at a restarant. ┬áThat kid made it a point to touch everything. Toilet bowls, toilet seats, urinal cakes…oh, the urinal cakes. Daddy reflexes kicked in before he could decide it looked like a ginourmous candy.

Candy and diligence, people!!

August 31, 2008

Welcome to the world!!

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My Brother From Another Mother, Todd and his lovely and talented wife welcomed William Kean Ratliff into the world @ 2:52a.m. Yea!!!

January 11, 2008

Boo-foot in The Park

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Beck and mommy while frolicking in the park found the mother of all leaf piles. Cuteness and frolicking ensued. Enjoy!!


Look at those teeth!! Ugh, how can you not cower in fear that this much cute is loose and virtually unregulated!?

Honestly, I wasn’t there. But crap I just marvel at this tyke. He is firmly, and apparently un-apologetically, in the terrible twos yet continues to bring laughs and smiles. OK I’ll hush…




December 22, 2007

Papa still has it…kinda

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Every thousand shots or so, I capture some of the old magic.


If I was really working it, it would be in black and white…


Now I just need to add that sad music from the end of “The Incredible Hulk”.

This was all part of some park frivolity…



July 29, 2007

Photo Update

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Yahoo is forcing us to move to

I have to update the photo links, so don’t trip if you click on a monthly wrap-up and it’s not working.


STG Management

April 15, 2007

A new word

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Beck is talking all the time. Some days he seems more chatty than I am…and thats saying something. This morning, he pointed at my dad and said, “Grampa”.

Dad gets an enormous amount of joy out of his grandson. Beck waved good bye to him for the entire time dad got in his car and drove down the street.

Beck and Grampa

November 4, 2006

1st Halloween night

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Beck has experienced his first Halloween!! When I got home, Loe had our wee jockey prepped and ready for a night of candy-fueled hi-jinx. On the way out we snagged a neighbor and her son in a latex muscled spider-man…wet suit…thingy.

Since our street has no street lights and fewer young’uns, we drove to Swiss avenue. It’s a street with some huge houses, some with surprisingly complex Halloween displays. They had one with a pipe organ and fire. Several had wealthy folks drinking wine on the porch, while pushing the sucrose. Beck and company just kinda gawked and took it all in. The first couple of houses we hit thought Beck was a baseball player until we started to carry “Secretatiat” with us. He managed to stay wake the whole trip. Mostly.Spent

We ate the candy. By “we”, I mean Loe. Except for the Whoppers. I am the Whopper Commander…

The Halloween pics…

August 18, 2006

Back handed statement?

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So, there we were, eating our dinner and feeding Beckett some potato. We were using a fork, which we use at home in the “safety” configuration. Some old lady walked up and said, “Here’s a spoon for that baby…” and proceeded to coo over our obviously endangered child.

I was torn over my response. We just thanked her, but who in hell does she think she is!? Well, maybe she suffers from dementia and wandered away from her group to randomly hassle young couples.

I wonder is she scoots about admonishing folks for eating too much meat or looms over the desert bar, waiting for someone to take 3 cookies…