June 21, 2008

Beckett Howser, M.D.

Posted in Caught In The Act, Frickin' Cute, What'cha Gonna Be!? at 9:58 pm by supertinyguy

Everyone thinks their kid is a super-genius and is going to be a lawyer-astronaut. Now, I have photographic proof!!


Beck found a few “ban-bans” and could tell I was awash in boo-boos. Luckily, he was in-network and it was just a $30 co-pay…


Remember “Emergency”, the TV show? It always looked so cool when they grabbed a sterile package of something and ripped it open with their mouth…thereby contaminating it…well, it just looks cute when a 2-foot tall ER doc does it.



Ironically, I cut my hand a couple days later and all we had were SpongeBob band-aids…Boo’s contribution was to ask, “Daddy have boo-boo? Knife?” and kiss it every few minutes.