October 2, 2008

I wish the snooze button would last forever…

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When Beck sleeps with us, usually he’s over by Loe. I’ve been subtly jealous of this, but hey she’s “mommy” and I’m just the guy that puts the trains together.

This morning, I was sleeping on my side and hit the snooze button(first of many, as usual) when I realized the wee warm presence along my back, gently rising and falling from his breath.

10 minutes of snooze was not enough, my friends. Not this day…


October 1, 2008

September Wrap up

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Birthdays and balloons!!! The month that was…

Not an indication of the whole month...Click to see the pics!

Not an indication of the whole month...Click to see the pics!

September 14, 2008

Waste Management

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I am ready to declare Beck has his potty badge!!

3 days in a row he’s requested to go poo, or has just gone while he was on the pot to pee.

We’ve had no accidents and usually the overnight diaper has been dry.

The secret, you ask? Simple. Bribe him.

Load up a jar with candy…M & Ms, animal crackers…we stared with a Kung-Fu Panda Pex dispenser…and we give him 1 candy for pee and deux for poo. We bought a porta potty for the car, and put him on it about every 45 mins, after a lengthy ride, after a meal, etc.

Also, much like house training a puppy, we just watch him after he wakes up or eats.

For me, it was a few days of freaking out when taking him into the bathroom at a restarant. ¬†That kid made it a point to touch everything. Toilet bowls, toilet seats, urinal cakes…oh, the urinal cakes. Daddy reflexes kicked in before he could decide it looked like a ginourmous candy.

Candy and diligence, people!!

September 1, 2008

August 2008 Wrap Up

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Oh man!! A couple of big changes this month! The biggest is the Potty Follies. Boo is working on his…”waste management” skills.

Not much blogging due to the job change and general craziness…not much photo play, either. Sorry.


August 31, 2008

Welcome to the world!!

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My Brother From Another Mother, Todd and his lovely and talented wife welcomed William Kean Ratliff into the world @ 2:52a.m. Yea!!!

August 28, 2008

“Manners, Clarice…

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…must be kept.” Unless you’re a toddler.

Up until last night, when Beck would crawl into bed with us he’d crawl over me to get to mommy with an incredibly cute, “S’cuse me daddy! Need pass by!”. Although it’s the wee hours of the damn morning, it always makes us smile and laugh.

This morning, Boo came a-calling with a new greeting.

“Daddy!? Move yo’ butt!”

I kid you not. To be fair, there was much smiling and laughing

August 1, 2008

July 2008 Wrap Up

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OK…yeah, I’ve been a lazy blogger. Beck has done so many amazing things in the last month, and I’ve been remiss on sharing. I know you’ve all been missing it. And by “all” I mean you there, in the back. The free donuts will be out soon.


Anyhoo, this month in pictures documents:

…We celebrate our country’s independence

…Boo learns to drive

…Beck finds his muse

…it was frappin’ hot. No, seriously. We don’t consider 90-degrees as “hot”. Capice?

…we entertained

…Beck gets his swim lessons on.

Click the pic for triple digit cuteness!!


July 14, 2008

Riding in my car…

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Most of you know I’m an IT guy…also known as a Jedi. Other than Beck’s constant desire to play in daddy’s office, we never really mention what I do. The following conversation occurred @ 5:33pm:

Boo: Daddy?

Me: Yeah, Boo?

B: Finish work?

M: Yep!

B: Daddy fix compooter?

M: [astonished] What?

B: Daddy fix compooter?

M: [Big smile] Yeah, I fixed the computer!

B: Compooter broke? Daddy fix?

M: Daddy fixed it.

B: All finished!

“Terrible” Twos…it ain’t strong enough!

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I’ve said it before, but we are soundly in the terrible twos.

Much like the molting Alien from the movies, I fully expect to find the shredded remains of his old skin, then I turn around and BOOM screaming fit. He goes from uber-cute to spitting pea soup, in a blink of an eye.

Beck goes so boneless when he collapses in a crying jag, I’m surprised he doesn’t ooze throguh a crack in the floor. He’s a ungrabbable sack ‘o baby. Then, inexplicabably, does something so damn cute that it defuses our frustration.

July 13, 2008


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Belated post…

So the other day I opened Beck’s door, and found him in the crib with one leg almost over the side. Noted and moved on…

The next day, the same. Uh-oh…

2 days later:

Beck was napping in our room, in the pack-n-play. After about 3 hours, I’m washing my hands in the hall bathroom when I hear the hum of the AC get louder. Even as my dizzying intellect put it together I heard the cutest “thumpthumpthump” of wee Boo feet running down the hall. The cat, it would seem is out of the bed. I looked out in time to see Beck speed past, on course for mommy. The thumping came to a halt and Beck backs up and looks at me with a huge smile, “Hi daddy!!” and a wave, before heading to mommy. The “aww, dammit” momment dissolved, briefly, to a “aww, cute”. That gave way to, “damn developmental milestones!”

Since then, we’ve had only one bedtime battle. We’d seen that stuff on “Supernanny” and knew what to do. Hopefully that will be the last. For now, we just know that when Beck is done with his nap, he’s REALLY done with his nap.

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